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Development Services

UX Design Team
Team Extension

We offer scalable, dependable and local developers to augment & extend your technical teams, allowing you to get in control of task backlog.

Interface Designer in the Office
UX/UI Design 

With a user-centered design, you can launch tailored solutions that meet your users' needs. Our team works with you to understand and improve the user experience as well as design a platform that helps you and developers build a successful app.

App Development

Based on your requirements, we can build dedicated apps that tick all the boxes. Plus, you can leverage our expertise in AI and Automation to increase the usability and performance of your apps, creating a unique competitive advantage in the market.​

Development Process


Idea brainstorming and validation, technical analysis, solution recommendation, proposal.

UX/UI Design

Designing, prototyping, testing.


Front-end and back-end programming.


Error/bug resolution, user testing and feedback, iteration.


App made available for download.

Story Point Based Commercials

We understand that IT projects can be fluid, with evolving demands and unexpected twists. Our Story Point-Based Commercials empower you to make changes without fearing exorbitant costs. Need to pivot your project's direction? Interested in adding new features? No problem. Our pricing remains tied to the effort required for each task, ensuring you're only paying for the work done.


​Why Choose Our Story Point-Based Commercials?



Embrace change without fearing hidden costs. Our model flexes to meet your evolving needs.


No more mysteries in pricing. We provide you with a clear understanding of how each aspect contributes to the overall cost.


Your investment reflects both technical effort and business outcomes, ensuring a partnership that drives real value.

Outcome Based Commercials

Collaboration lies at the heart of our Outcome-Based Commercials. We begin by understanding your business objectives, goals, and challenges. We then craft a roadmap that outlines the specific outcomes you're aiming for. Our pricing is intimately tied to the achievement of these outcomes.​

Why Choose Our Outcome-Based Commercials?
Measurable Impact

Tangible outcomes that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation.

Collaborative Approach

We work hand in hand, aligning our efforts to your goals.

Value Assurance

Pay for results, ensuring your investment directly correlates with business value.

Innovative Solutions

Our expertise is channeled into solutions that make a real difference.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us to find out how we can assist you in optimising your operations and achieving your business goals.

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